5 Best Online Games for Kids

Today, there so many ways to enhance child development such as playing with toys, watching television programs, storytelling, novel reading and interacting with fellow kids. These activities make the child active and enhance the development of the child from mentally to social. Technology growth has further come up with even more fun ways to achieve brain development in children by the innovation of Online games. These games may be educational or just fun games. The 5 Best Online Games for Kids are as follows:


1. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Kids have to pick from four activities in this online game. The activities are Song listening, coloring pictures, watching videos or playing games. The songs in this game have lyrics for kids to sing along with their parents or guardians. The categories of games include art, science, movement, and reading. This game is favorable for any kid above the age of 4 years.


2. Poisson Rouge.


This is another online game that has been updated since its launch in 1999. Kids click on a picture on the home page and have access to stuff that covers several basic skills such as numbers, shapes, patterns, reading clocks and alphabet learning. The game is favorable for kids above the age of 4.

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3. Webkinz Jr.


This is one simple to use online game. The kid can use it with very little or no assistance. Each animal on Webkinz gets its own classroom, park, store, and house. Your kid has to take great care of it. This game will enable your kid to learn how to use the computer at a very tender age. It is an educational online game for kids 4 years and above.


4. ZulaWorld.


This game is created and built based on the cartoon, The Zula Patrol. The cast of the program are featured; Zeeter, Gorga the space dog, Bula, and Multo the scientist. The online game aims at the kid designing their own alien spaceships and avatars and gets rewards by completing missions. The game is favorable for kids between the age of 6-11.


5. Ziggity Zoom.


This online game gives a platform for early grade-schoolers and pre-schoolers to explore online. It also aims at educating parents on kid recipes, holiday fun activities, and videos of crafts. The main page categories are Crafts, printables, food, family, learning, games and stories for kids and Holiday ideas section.


For your kid’s development, opt for the above online games. Through the reviews given overtime, it can be proved that they are the best.